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The Journal of Scientific Exploitation

The showpiece publication of our Society is the oft-regarded Journal of Scientific Exploitation, or JSE. In it, we are pleased to present the results of some of our scruplelessly selected research initiatives.

We welcome contributions from all those who share our studiously credulous philosophy. Your name amidst those of our other luminaries can help you achieve the status and recognition you've hitherto been denied by those rigid, close-minded, orthodox scientists with their obstinate obsession with factual evidence.

In order to maintain our exclusive standards, all potential contributors are urged to note the following:
  • The Journal of Scientific Exploitation is a peer-reviewed publication. However, this should not engender any apprehension in our contributors -- even for those whose research is particularly unorthodox -- since critical reviewers and researchers are clearly not among our peers.

  • The articles should be of considerable length and should remain as impenetrable as possible, thereby maximizing the appearance of scientific acumen and respectability while minimizing the possibility that non-specialists or lay-persons will be able to identify procedural or logical flaws.

  • Contributors holding advanced degrees from institutions with impressive- sounding names will receive preferential publishing priority.

  • Titles of submissions should be a decaword or more in length and ideally will include several polysyllabic quasi-scientific technical terms.

  • Contributors are expected to strenuously assert that they are thorough, rigorous, open-minded, and even skeptical. This is essential to maintain the proper air of academic detachment. However, in order to keep from skewing the results of our on-going research, actual skepticism is strongly discouraged (see The Secret of the SSE).

  • Critical rejoinders are welcome. However, due to constraints in our operating budget and the ever-increasing demands for space in the JSE, we must unfortunately limit the length of such submissions to three lines.

  • We are an equal-opportunity organization: any prior affiliation with discredited or fraudulent research poses no obstacle to publication, and we assure absolute confidentiality, as our readers -- being above idle gossip -- will surely have no interest in any historical unpleasantness. We pride ourselves in being open to absolutely anyone!

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